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About us

Römermann Rechtsanwälte AG has a history as a highly-specialized boutique law firm that dates back to 1962. 

Given its range of permanent academic involvement, it is known as one of the top mid-sized boutique law firms in Germany, standing for strong practical and highly academic legal solutions.



Our specialized attorneys focus on our clients’ business needs in a permanent process. By understanding a client’s mandate as the desire for a complete and permanent service, teamwork is guaranteed regardless of whether the client is an individual, a start-up company or an international corporation. 

Legal services are provided in areas such as litigation, arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, IT law, insurance law, all legal issues related to the profession of an attorney, labor law, insolvency and restructuring, compliance and matters of commercial criminal law.

Our attorneys, several of which have working experience abroad, are bilingual and can provide legal services in other languages such as English, French, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese.



Our clients are entrepreneurs, mid-size and national enterprises from all industrial sectors including renewable energies, as well as law firms of all sizes up to international law firms in relation to the legal matters of the law firm itself or matters related to a conflict of interests.



We are maintaining offices in

  • Berlin, the capital of Germany and the center of innovation
  • Hamburg, the largest port in Germany and the center of maritime trade and shipping
  • Hannover, known as the leading business location in the northern part of Germany



Our attorneys are in contact and close cooperation with several law offices worldwide. With regard to commercial issues, we work with a strong network of consultants, which is coordinated by the Römermann Consulting GmbH.



Bar associations

  • Deutscher AnwaltVerein (DAV) (German Bar Association)
  • Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamburg (Hamburg Bar Association)
  • Rechtsanwaltskammer Celle (Celle Bar Association)
  • Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin (Berlin Bar Association)
  • Anwaltskammer Sichuan, China (Sichuan Bar Association)

National memberships for specialized attorneys:

Labor law    

  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Arbeitsrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein, a study group for attorneys specialized in labor law
  • Verband deutscher ArbeitsrechtsAnwälte e.V. (VdAA), an association for attorneys specialized in labor law
  • Deutscher Arbeitsgerichtsverband e.V., a labor court association 

Commercial Law

  • Gesellschaftsrechtliche Vereinigung (VGR), a corporate law association

Bankruptcy and restructuring law

  • Institut für Insolvenzrecht e.V. (Institute for Insolvency Law)
  • Neue Insolvenzverwaltervereinigung Deutschlands (NIVD) (New Association of German Insolvency Administrators)
  • Norddeutsches Insolvenzforum e.V. (North German Insolvency Law Forum)
  • Bankrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. (Banking Law Association)

International memberships:

  • Deutsch-Spanische Juristenvereinigung (German-Spanish Association of Lawyers)
  • Spanische Handelskammer für Deutschland (Spanish Chamber of Commerce for Germany)

Special memberships:

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