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Legal expertise


Labor law

Labor law is employee protection law and is subject to strict regulations in Germany. Labor law in Germany is influenced by socio-political developments and it is constantly changing. It is related to social security and tax issues. Numerous sections of labor law and highly case-related judgments make it difficult not only for employees but also for companies to fully assess a case and find the right solution. Our Team can support you in planning and efficiently acting or reacting. We will help you in labor relations to make the best solution-oriented decision and achieve your economic targets. 


Law of free professions 

The law of free professions (in German: Das Recht der freien Berufe bzw. Berufsrecht) is very complex and can be part of various matters. Different professions come with different legal issues and regulations. Conflicts can occur in professional associations (in German: Berufsständische Organisationen), as well as in voluntary associations and coalitions, i.e. a partner is leaving the firm and liabilities and fees are at issue.  



Compliance covers measures for observing legal and internal corporate rules and interdictions. Compliance serves to avoid liability, compensation claims and investigation procedures (e.g. by a public prosecutor). On the other hand, compliance has become an essential element of corporate governance. We are at your disposal for developing and implementing compliance-systems, as well as for helping you to control these systems.


Corporate law

In the area of corporate law, we offer a wide range of legal expertise in all matters and stages including other related fields (such as bankruptcy and labor law issues and issues regarding industrial property protection). This means advice at all stages starting with incorporation, shareholder conflicts or conflicts with or between managers, through to termination, excluding, recalling or resigning and finding a solid termination agreement. Furthermore, we will support you if the firm is in a financial crisis, we will check possibilities of restructuring and give you answers to questions concerning liability in this case. We are also available for mediation to avoid a long lasting legal conflict and to identify possible win-win procedures.


Industrial property protection

The protection of industrial property is a principle concern for every firm. Our specialists will help you with trade mark applications, with dealing and finalizing license contracts and protecting your copy rights. We will fight against restrictions of competition and market-controlling positions. Violations of rights will be fought effectively with cease-and-desist orders. We will also seek injunctive relief and claims for damages. 


Bankruptcy law

If a firm is in a financial crisis, it is necessary to engage a specialist as soon as possible to avoid a bankruptcy procedure. In many cases, the manager of the firm waits too long, so that there is no longer any chance for restructuring. A team of specialists with expertise in commercial law, group law, labor law, tax law and criminal law, which is in general closely related to bankruptcy law issues, can help avoid bankruptcy. If necessary, we will also find the best bankruptcy procedure for your firm. We will check chances of restructuring, liability issues and how to avoid or enforce compensation claims. If a bankruptcy procedure is the final option, we will also advise you and represent your interests in a bankruptcy procedure. We have felt at home in both fields for many years: in out-of-court counseling and in the insolvency administration of small to large-scale proceedings.


IT law

IT law covers all legal issues related to the use of information technology. It is an interdisciplinary law including data protection, domain law, industrial property rights, licenses, trademark law, copyright law and competition law. We will advise and represent you – also in the examination or enforcement of claims in case of the infringement of your rights. In particular, we will support you in the preparation and negotiation of all contracts concerning software, hardware and related issues.


Litigation PR

Our law firm’s affinity for the internet and media is the reason why we are able to support you through legal procedures, reputation management or litigation PR, even if your company’s or your personal good reputation is threatened, or if the communicative support of our legal activities is useful for you to achieve your goals in other ways.



In the context of Mergers and Acquisitions, a wide range of social, labor, balance sheet and tax law issues arise. Our specialized team will advise and represent your company interests effectively; it also has the relevant capital market and anti-trust knowledge.


Trademark law

The brand is the “flagship” of a company. We will advise and support you in branding, the development of a brand strategy, trademark research, brand monitoring, the granting of trademark licenses and the transfer of trademarks. In the event of trademark infringement, we will investigate and implement claims for damages, recalls, destruction and information. We will also help you with brand extinction.



Mediation is a confidential process for conflict resolutions and dispute settlements. It allows the parties to jointly develop a solution that has long-term acceptance on both sides and takes particular account of the interests and needs of the parties. Mediation, unlike a court case, is not a compulsory procedure, but a voluntary process that requires the consent of all parties involved. The mediation is carried out with the moderation of a neutral mediator who, unlike a judge, has no decision-making authority.



We consider ourselves as partners of insurance and industrial enterprises, banks and freelancers for process management, damage prevention and the review / enforcement of recourse claims. We support insurance companies in defending against damage claims, with preventive advice on claims handling and the preparation of general insurance conditions (GCI). We are also represented by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). The main focus of work for freelancers (especially lawyers, tax consultants, physicians and architects) is defending against liability claims.


Commercial criminal law

Commercial criminal law is more than classic criminal law, i.e. problems in the area of infidelity and fraud. In many cases, it has a complex relationship with other legal bodies. Therefore, good advice in the area of economic criminal law normally requires an insight into other legal areas. In many cases, cooperation with other experts (such as tax lawyers or civilian lawyers) is appropriate. We will take over your defense in preliminary proceedings and before courts. However, we are also available as representatives of the subsidiary court, for the enforcement of civil law claims in criminal proceedings (adhesion proceedings) and / or as witnesses. In addition to individuals, our defense and prevention advice focuses on the representation of companies of all sizes. Fines, which can quickly move into the high million range, make it necessary to receive early consultation, also from a business perspective, with regard to criminal offenses and administrative offenses that have taken place in the context of the company’s activities.


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